SCM Direct is a different kind of investment company that understands how important your wealth is to you and your family.

We are not just saying that, as the Founders have their own family money invested alongside clients on exactly the same fees and terms.

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0.48 per annum scm annual management fee 0.4% + vat
0.12 per annum Administration & Custody Fee
0.28 per annum Typical underlying ETF charges
0.09 per annum Estimated trading costs of buying and selling ETFs
0.08 per annum Estimated transaction costs within the ETFs
1.05 per annum total cost of investing

No performance fees, no adviser charges, no initial charges and no exit penalties.

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Fees will vary according to the current selection of ETFs and current levels of trading activity, latest fees shown in all monthly factsheets. The figures above are based on the average fees and charges, weighted by the amount invested within each of the SCM GBP Portfolios as at 31st December 2017. When investing via the Hubwise SIPP, an additional charge is made of 0.1%+VAT subject to a minimum annual charge of £15+VAT and a maximum annual charge of £50+VAT. An additional fee of £125 +VAT applies to any SIPP that is in drawdown. Other fees for work in relation to for commercial property, divorce & death for example are available on request and will be quoted to you before any work is carried out.

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See how our portfolios have performed since inception to


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SCM Bond Reserve (GBP)
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SCM Absolute Return (GBP)
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SCM Long-Term Return (GBP)
12m > 30.04.19 12m > 30.04.18 12m > 30.04.17 12m > 30.04.16 12m > 30.04.15 12m > 30.04.14 12m > 31.04.13 12m > 30.04.12
SCM Bond Reserve (GBP) 3.3% -1.7% 11.7% 3.5% 7.8% -5.8% 12.6% N/A
SCM Absolute Return (GBP) 1.5% 5.5% 19.6% -3.3% 9.8% -0.2% 14.2% -1.6%
SCM Long-Term Return (GBP) 2.2% 6.6% 23.0% -3.0% 12.3% 1.5% 15.6% -1.9%
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The SCM Absolute Return and Long-Term Return portfolios commenced on the 8th June 2009
The SCM Bond Reserve portfolio commenced on the 1st June 2011
Source: SCM Direct

Past performance should not be seen as a guide to future returns.
The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up
and investors may not recover the amount of their original investment.

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