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The SCM Portfolios are also available in USD. The USD Portfolios follow the same broad asset allocation as the UK £ Portfolios – for example, if a £ Portfolio for a given strategy has c.50% in UK equities, investors can expect the USD Portfolios, to also have c.50% in comparable US equities.

The main difference is that the central bias of each portfolio will be to those equities or bonds that are geographically based in that Portfolio’s home currency. However, there may be times when this differs according to our views of the home markets and their currency.  The SCM Direct team look at each Portfolio from the viewpoint of the home currency and the home markets when determining the particular asset allocation.

IMPORTANT: There may be tax implications when investing in the USD based Portfolios as some of the USD-based Portfolio ETFs do not have reporting status.  This may result in any investment gains taxed as income, rather than capital gains.

The investment minimum is USD $100,000

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