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Important: This is a simulation tool, not a forecast.

It is important to understand that these forecasts or illustrations are not a 100% indicator of future performance.

The methodology used for this Fee Calculator is based on the amount you are looking to invest, selected return percentages, and the real returns s after all fees of an investment with SCM Direct compared to the real fees of a typical traditional wealth manager. We would advise you pick a realistic return when using the Calculator.


SCM Direct Cost Calculator


The comparisons are for illustrative purposes only and assume the same return before any fees or charges for the comparison with a typical wealth manager. This simulation is not an indicator of how your chosen SCM Direct portfolio will actually perform, as this will depend on our asset allocation skill, markets behaviour and wider investment decisions.

Numis Securities analysed an average portfolio of £120,000. It looked at charges for discretionary portfolio management within 13 firms over an assumed 6 year period https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/11230939/DIY-investment-vs-leaving-it-to-the-pros.html  The average overall charge excluding underlying transaction costs for the sample (excluding SCM) was 2.21% pa.

The November 2016 FCA Asset Management Market Study Interim Report https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/ market-studies/ms15-2-2-interim-report.pdf found that transaction costs ‘add around 50bps on average to the cost of active management for equity investments’.

SCM Direct has combined the two numbers above comes to an estimated typical fee for a typical wealth manager of 2.71% pa.

These illustrations are based on the average fees and charges of the SCM GBP Portfolios as at 26th March 2019.

All SIPP related fees and charges can be found at scmdirect.wpengine.com. The annual fee of the SIPP is 0.1% + VAT pa subject to an overall minimum per annum of £15+VAT (i.e. £18) and a maximum annual charge of £50+VAT (i.e. £60). An additional fee of £125 + VAT applies to clients within draw-down. There is no fee for transfers in and the fee for transfers out will not exceed the previous year’s fee. Other fees for work in relation to for commercial property, divorce & death for example are available on request and will be quoted to you before any work is carried out.

The graph has been calculated using fees to 4 d.p which can result in a different overall performance to other illustrations.