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Alan Miller is the Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer of SCM Direct with over 28 years expertise in fund management

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Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Alan is an accomplished investment manager whose 29 years expertise in fund management puts him amongst a handful of the highly respected UK fund managers. He has managed money for a wide range of clients — retail, institutional and private clients, and also has experience across a wide range of asset classes — equities, property, fixed interest and alternative assets.

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Alan Miller is the Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer of SCM Direct with over 28 years expertise in fund management

But his contrarian mind-set and principled approach to managing money led him to believe that after the financial crisis of 2008 there needed to be a radically different approach to looking after clients’ money. This led him to launch SCM.

Alan’s innovative spirit saw him launch the first UK equity long/short hedge fund in 1997, which compounded at 17.2% p.a., compared to the FTSE All-Share Index return of 4.0%, over the 9.5 years Alan managed the hedge fund.

Alan previously managed the Jupiter Investment Trust, which became the New Star Investment Trust, from its inception in May 2000 to the end of June 2006. During this period the net asset value per share rose by 47.5% against a 0.2% fall in the FTSE All-Share Index.

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Gina Milller Founding partner at SCM Direct




Founding Partner

Gina co-founded SCM in 2009 and has worked in the UK retail financial services sector since 1996.  She is passionate about transparency, accountability and consumer protection, with a core belief that financial firms have a duty to manage people’s money with honesty and integrity.

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Gina Milller Founding partner at SCM Direct

Her business principles are characterised by innovation, efficiency, a profit for purpose model and putting the customer at the centre of all decision making processes.  In 1996 she launched SWAY Marketing, one of the first specialist retail financial services marketing agency in the UK.   At SWAY Gina designed and launched The Senate Programme, an innovative and highly successful series of investment conferences.  Prior to this, Gina worked for BMW’s events and marketing team in the UK.

Gina was awarded the Most Influential Person – Powerlist 2017 and has degrees in Marketing and Human Resource Management, and an Honorary Doctorate of Law.

In 2012 Gina launched a True and Fair Campaign.

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Investment Analyst

Massimo works with Alan and Barnaby in the Investment team.  Prior to joining SCM Direct Massimo worked as a Senior Consultant for Lloyds Banking Group where he was in charge of the bank’s retail customers.

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MASSIMO SERAGGIOTTO - Investment Analyst

Massimo completed a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Westminster, followed time in Uganda working for a Microfinance Project tackling the sanitation emergency of the region.  He also has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management with Financial Services, and a Degree in Business Management.

Before relocating to the UK, he spent nine years in Italy as a Commercial & Financial Consultant, where he worked in the North East region and managed a portfolio of 400 customers.

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Investment Analyst

Barnaby Barker works alongside Alan and Massimo in the Investment Team. He possesses a strong mathematics and analytics background, having qualified with a BEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester.

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Barnaby Barker - Investment Analyst

Since qualifying, Barnaby has worked in a variety of roles within corporate accounts departments, as well as business development and marketing, which provides a practical overlay to his professional training.

His disciplined rigorous mindset was reinforced during his training as an Officer Cadet in the RAF and as a Technician/General Engineer with Scott Wilson (URS Corp). He was also proud to have played rugby for Leicester Tigers Academy and represented Leicester county, having been selected for National 10’s squad in 2008. Injuries forced him to retire from the sport.

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Our Values



Balancing cost risk and return is our practical and logical investment approach in today’s more volatile markets.


Our CIO, Alan Miller, has 28 years expertise in fund management putting him amongst a handful of the most highly respected fund managers in the UK.


We embrace modern efficiencies and technology to enhance our offerings and save on traditional costs.



We ignore the hype and make our decisions based on our own evidence based findings.


By questioning convention and building our own path, we can change our direction and avoid falling off the edge with the rest of the herd.


Our vast experience backed by research from investment superheroes, such as Warren Buffet “to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” gives us the confidence to be contrarian.



We never forget the human face of investing. We are never tempted or pressured into acting against the best interests of our clients. SCM has no external shareholders or commercial interests that can give rise to conflicts of interest.


We are transparent in all our fees and holdings and explain all that we do in our business. We are humble enough to accept when we are wrong, and strong enough to change when necessary.


We put our money where our mouth is by investing significant funds in all the SCM portfolios, on exactly the same terms and fees.

Profit for Purpose — SCM had pledged that a significant amount of its profit, resources and staff skills will be given to the
True and Fair Foundation which supports smaller dynamic charities who are often the unsung heroes and backbone of our society.

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